30 Day Photography Challenge

Why the Challenge?

I've been thinking that I need to shoot more lately, but I've kind of been lacking creativity and inspiration. It's something I think every creative person goes through from time to time. Writer's block is a good, well known example, so just think writer's block, but... for anyone else who's trying to create. So I started to look around for inspiration and remembered one of the most obvious (and therefore easiest to overlook) solutions: prompts--like what your English teacher gave you in high school.

I've seen plenty of these photo-a-day challenges around, but none of them ever really interested me much. They were all either so specific that I felt like it was too difficult to stick to them and still be creative or they were just made up of things that weren't my cup of tea.

I found the one on the right on Pinterest, and I think it's exactly what I've been looking for. So starting today, I'll be posting one photo per day for the next 30 days based on these prompts.

I'll post a gallery on this page and update it each day with a new photo, so come back and check it out so you can tell me what you think of the photos in the comments.

Individual Posts

Day 1: Self Portrait

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