Photo Challenge Day 1: Self Portrait

For day 1 of my 30 day photo challenge, the prompt is "self portrait." I've taken a few self portraits before, but not many. I very much prefer to be behind the camera. The self portraits that I've taken in the past have always turned out a little more artistic and symbolic than most of my other work. This one isn't an exception.

That might be because I understand myself more than I do the outside world, and am therefore more apt to interpret myself in abstract ways. On the contrary, it may be the case that I understand the outside world more than I do myself, leading me to represent the world as it is while attempting to understand myself better through real-world interpretations of my abstract inner processes.

Either way, I'm always a little uncomfortable expressing myself artistically like this--this kind of thing was shunned by my conservative Dad and, by extension, my brothers. On top of that, I'm uncomfortable having my photo taken. So I guess this is a healthy exercise in forcing me out of my comfort zone and learning more about myself.

This photo actually turned out very close to being a response to the final prompt in the challenge, which is a faceless self portrait. I'll leave it as it is though and see what kind of different idea I can come up with at the end of these 30 days.

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